Friday, 20 February 2015

Be your parents server

Everyone will agree if I say that we grew up because of big attention from our parents. Mom and Dad give always so much cares for us. They totally struggle for everything only for their lovely children. For instance, education, welfare and so on. As a son or daughter we have to do the best for them.  Study hard, get a good score, have brilliant academic and also career. What is that for? Make parents smile and proud of us. Anything else to make them proud? Wanna pay back for anything parents give to us? In a simple word I would say : IMPOSSIBLE.
In fact, recently many youth, I said youth because I am also youth, tend to disrespect their parents. Why? Some reason which is really non sense.  Youth feel ashamed, or disturbed by parents or maybe parents are not updated person. In some cases I look by myself when son or daughter only be kind to the parents in need. And vice versa? Nothing. Parents turned in need? No more. Seriously I would weep knowing this phenomena.
I don’t care however our religion, but I believe that we have to be server to our parents. Why? Because they had served us when we were in childhood.  Perhaps we don’t remember but the fact says. That’s it.
Why don’t we give several times of our activities to talk for a moment with parents? What topic? Anything.  It could be politic, social, style, food and so on. As I know, parents wanna see their children to be happy ever after. So we have to do the same one. Be a good server for them. Whatever they ask to you, as long as in a good way, just do it.  Serve them, because this is the quickest and easiest way to make them smile. How about giving our first wage? It is also okay but remember, I don’t hope for the worst but everything can happen. How long you have to wait? A month, several months or years? We don’t even know because when we get first wage then we will buy everything we dream. And perhaps forget our parents.
So why don’t we start right now? Serve your parents, be the best son or daughter they ever have because we also consider that they are the best example, person and parents we ever have.
So in a simple way, just love them, serve them and do anything to make them smile and proud of you guys.
Please never being rude to them. Please guys. Because the best server in the world is the parents server.
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